Welcome to our Affiliate and referral exchange!

What is Affiliate-Referral-Exchange.com?

Although the terms are pretty common, our concept isn't and justifies a tad of explaining.  Our system is meant to provide marketers and website owners real visibility to their site(s) by creating a global network of partners who will register on each other's sites and offers, as well as refer non-members to any site present on the system, including their own.

(More details on who can benefit from this system here.)

The global network generated can be represented as a multidimensional web.  Because of reality's limitations, the simplest way to represent it visually is to define the perceived view for each user, which is in fact a web:

Get loads of affiliates and referrals through our exchange service!The idea here is that everyone is connected together in a way that each can have the impression they are in the middle and in contact with all other members.

Who can be benefit from Affiliate-Referral-Exchange.com?

This site is mainly designed for marketers and web site owners.  Whether you want to gather affiliates or referrals for your offers and sites, or you simply wish to give your site more visibility, our service is made for you.

Get more quality visitors, subscribers, affiliates and referrals.

Contrary to most systems designed to increased a site's visibility, we don't intend to bring you tons of traffic.  Instead, we bring you loads of quality visitors that will at the very least spend some time looking at what you have to offer.

As you will see, we offer a very unique way of giving your site(s) visibility, and exchanging sign-ups.  This is of much greater value than traffic exchanges, safe lists, or other similar services, for many reasons:

  • Visitors really need to look at your site in order to register or gain their credits.
  • Complementing the previous point, hidden credits are randomly inserted on the target page's contents to encourage visitors to really look at it thoroughly.
  • Referrals may be sent internally or externally:  As you probably know, traffic exchanges are designed for web site owners and marketers but not the general public.  Should your visitors/subscribers be non-marketers, you can refer them directly to non-marketing target sites.  This way they wouldn't need to register on this system (which would seem pointless to them).
  • As mentioned previously, you can and are actually encouraged to refer people to your own site(s).  Any referral, including those you send to your sites and offers, will earn you credits.  This means that even if you don't want to advertise or do anything more than you're currently doing, you'll still benefit from added visibility just by using our special link to your site.

Everything you do on this site gives you credits that will bring sign-ups and quality visitors to your site.

Credits are given for:

  • internal referrals: people referred here that register with us (these pay double credits);
  • external referrals: people referred directly to a listed site that register there (or follow the provided instructions);
  • signing-up yourself on any site listed;
  • every 10 credits earned by your referral.

Furthermore, all plans, including the free one, offer you a commission on all your referrals' purchases for life.


Performance credit bonuses are awarded for all operations.  It doesn't really matter how you compare to others, what counts is how much effort you put in yourself.

For more on bonuses, check our bonus details page for more information.

It's simpler than it seems.

Although the concept used here is unique which can make it unfamiliar to you, you'll notice it was designed to be very straight-forward and simple to use.

After a run of beta testing, we did some touch-ups that even simplified things further.

For more details on how it works, visit the related page in the information menu.


From our estimates and tests, our fully automated system supports over 99% of existing sites that provide a registration page without the need for any touch-ups or manual intervention, and over 99.9% of those without a registration page.

As we strive to achieve 100%, we will put all needed efforts forward to enhance this support for any site we encounter that is not yet fully compatible.


At this point, all we can say is "Lets sign-up and get yourself some quality visitors now!"  :)

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